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Groutsmith Cleaning Tips

Tile Floor Maintenance Tips:

- Use only products approved by tile and grout manufacturers. Never use steam, pressurized water systems, abrasives, acids or harsh chemicals.

- Always use PH neutral, no-rinse floor cleaning products. Use a damp mop (microfiber is best). Rinse the dirty mop in a separate bucket or laundry basin, so you keep the clean solution bucket free of dirt.

Tile Shower Maintenance Tips:

- Always wipe down the shower after use. Drying the walls and floor will help prevent mold and mildew growth.

- Eliminate bar soaps and use liquid shower soaps and gels. Soap scum build up on tile and grout is nothing more than bar soap that has re-hardened on the surface. Eliminating bar soaps will totally eliminate soap scum build up.

- Clean the shower weekly with only products approved by all tile and grout manufacturers.

- Always make sure there are no openings or cracks in the grout and caulked joints to prevent water damage and mold growth behind the tile.

How to Mop a Floor:

- Vacuum or dust the floor to remove hair and loose debris. Mix 1 ounce of our Gold Ph neutral cleaner with each gallon of warm water in a bucket. Mop a small section of the floor with a damp microfiber mop.


- When you see an accumulation of dirt on the mop surface, rinse the mop head in a separate bucket of water or under the faucet in a laundry basin until the mop head is clean before placing the mop back into the clean solution bucket.


*Rinsing the dirty mop head in the clean solution bucket will contaminate the solution and you will be mopping dirty water on the floor after that. When you have completed mopping a room, you can dry the floor with a towel or allow the floor to air dry.


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